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About iHospitality

An Industry leading application to minimize paperwork and ensure productive workflow

What is iHospitality

iHospitality is a complete all in one solution for your everyday needs in the hotel, bar, restaurant and takeaway industry. By digitising due diligence paperwork, records can be stored and retrieved when required in house or to show food law compliance . iHospitality has other essential features such as allowing you to monitor employee schedules, kitchen recipes and stock checks.

Kane Oliver

In 2016 I opened Oliver’s Pub and Kitchen - a vibrant bar and restaurant serving locally sourced pub food. Being new to the industry, with a passion for food and drink I under estimated the volume of paperwork. iHospitality was developed by a team of sector specialists as an essential tool to replace paperwork and increase business efficiency.

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A complete all in one solution for your everyday need in the Hotel, Bar, Restaurant and Takeaway industry.